Results from the 500 Meter Challenge

500 meter challenge
500 meter challenge

Women's Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Devon Greenwich 1:56.0
2nd Liz Ryan FDR 1:59.1
3rd Tie Morgan Haman St. Johns 2:02.0
3rd Tie Schlusser Wappingers 2:02.0
5th Anamai Taylor Snen 2:15.0
Women's Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Melissa Mende NYU 2:05.0
Men's Novice
Place Name School Time
1st Christopher Dominquez Greenwich 2:28.0
Men's Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Dylan Mortman PNRA/Mercer 1:35.6
2nd Toni V. GMS 1:40.0
3rd Burger SHS 1:42.0
4th Andrew Longalis New Canaan 1:43.7
5th Philip Bogdenoi New Canaan 1:44.9
6thTie Dylan Reim PNRA/Mercer 1:45.6
6thTie Melby B/A-B 1:45.6
8th H Montani Iona Prep 1:47.4
9th Robert Petti Fordham 1:49.2
10th Jeremy Lakin NYU 1:50.0
11th Lona Donado GMS 1:50.6
12th John Mooney Fordham 1:51.3
13th Fish Greenwich 1:54.1
Men's Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Bennett Stahl SRA 1:31.0
2nd Ben V. Burnt 1:39.9
3rd A.S.D. FM 1:40.0
4th Chris W. SoNo 1:41.7
Men's Hy. Wt. Adaptive
Place Name School Time
1st Syd Lea   2:26.0
Women's Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Kirsten Corssen   1:59.0
2nd Emma Arlington 2:03.0
3rd Hannah Salzberg NYU 2:24.0
Women's Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Summer Arlington 2:08.0
Women's Lt. Wt. Pairs
Place Name School Time
1st Kate & Lynn Nardin 2:09.0
2nd Gracie & Noirie OLMA 2:19.0
3rd Erin & Bessie OLMA 2:23.0
4th Nardin #1 Nardin 2:24.0
5th Summer & Abbey Arlington 2:25.0
Women's Hy. Wt. Pairs
Place Name School Time
1st Nicole & Abbey Arlington 1:59.0
Men's Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Bill O'Neill   1:41.0
2nd Chris   1:44.0
3rd Tie Juan RNY 1:48.0
3rd Tie Eric   1:48.0
5th Ryan Mayer   1:51.0
6th Jackson Huntington 2:02.0
Men's Lt. Wt. Pairs
Place Name School Time
1st Nick & Derek Huntington 1:53.0
Men's Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Sam B Liverpool 1:34.9
2nd Garrett Clarke Liverpool 1:35.1
3rd Tie Neil Tompkins FDR 1:37.0
3rd Tie Tyler Schroeder Arlington 1:37.0
5th Devin Menget   1:47.0
Men's Hy. Wt. Pairs
Place Name School Time
1st Tyler & John Arlington 1:52.0
Coed Hy. Wt. - 3
Place Name School Time
1st John O' & Cam  Megan McQuaid 1:46.0
Women's Lt. Wt. Pairs
Place Name School Time
1st Olga & Bailey   2:01.0
Women's Hy. Wt. -2
Place Name School Time
1st Maryanne & Holli J R Mastern HS 2:03.1
Men's & Women's Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Dani & Dan FPHS 2:01.5
Men's Novice Cox
Place Name School Time
1st Pat Reily Demartha 1:55.0
2nd Dylan Galimi DBP 1:55.8
3rd PJ Walsh   2:01.2
4th Egan O'Brien Demartha 2:18.0
Men's Novice Single
Place Name School Time
1st Danial Brennan Shiply 1:45.0
Men's Novice - 2
Place Name School Time
1st Frosh Lwt Team CBA 1:45.0
Men's Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Frank Marricone Father Judge 1:40.0
2nd Reed Kaprelian Walt Witman HS 1:41.0
3rd Kyle Walter Walt Witman HS 1:41.2
4th Michale McInnis Woodbridge 1:41.6
5th Colin George Haddenfield 1:41.9
6th Zach Misleh Demartha 1:44.0
7th Adrian Wong-Valle Bethesda Chevy Chase 1:47.7
8th Grant B WT Woodson 1:49.2
9th Christain Wilkehr Fairfield Prep 1:50.6
10th Josh Perez   1:51.6
Men's Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Ryan O'Rouke Lawrencevile 1:26.5
2nd Bradford Taylor Lawrencevile 1:29.4
3rd Josh Kuzo Carlisle 1:32.7
4th Thomas Bonnano FPHS 1:33.8
5th Adal Santana Woodbridge 1:39.6
6th Tie Sam Maher Collingswood 1:41.0
6th Tie Marc Larvie West Springfield HS 1:41.0
8th Tim Kisona Don Bosco Prep 1:42.0
9th Kevin Fink Bishop Ireton 1:43.2
10th Scott Cressman Father Judge 1:45.0
11th Matt Perham Bishop Ireton 1:47.7
Men's Lt. Wt. - 2
Place Name School Time
1st Scott & Dave Fairfield Prep 1:36.8
2nd Ali & Frankie Whiteman & BCC 1:38.7
3rd Connor & Victor DBP 1:43.0
4th Sam & Alec St. Prep 1:44.0
5th Tie Tyler & Luke DBP 1:48.0
5th Tie Kurt & Chris DBP 1:48.0
7th Justin & Mark DBP 1:49.4
8th Tie Mathew & Tim Don Bosco Prep 1:50.0
8th Tie Adrian & Alex BCC HS 1:50.0
10th Marc & Michael West Springfield HS 1:51.0
10th Max & Ethan Biethesda Chevy Chase 1:51.0
12th Jack & Aiden WT Woodson 1:51.6
13th Brian & Jay WSHS 1:52.0
14th Forest & Jon   1:53.0
Men's Hy. Wt. - 2
Place Name School Time
1st Ethan & Nick Archbishop Carroll 1:36.0
2nd Josh & Kirk FPHS 1:40.5
3rd Nick & Tim Don Bosco Prep 1:46.0
4th Scott & Frank Father Judge 1:47.0
5th Jeremy & Christian &nsbp; 2:12.0
Women's Div.3 Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Marriana Malaluso SUNY Geneseo 2:10.0
Women's Div. 1 Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Sarah Baselovic Ohio University 1:52.0
Women's Div. 3 Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Jen Walpole SUNY Geneseo 1:44.0
2nd Big Sack RIT 1:57.0
Men's Div.1 Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Ben King Smith U of Buffalo 1:44.0
Men's Div.3 Lt. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Ethan Habel Washington U 1:51.0
Men's Div.3 Hy. Wt.
Place Name School Time
1st Justin Carter RIT 1:30.0
2nd Kevin Yedid Emory 1:31.0
3rd Adam Rokicki U of Binghamton 1:34.0
4th Jeff Arnot U of Binghamton 1:36.0
Men's Div.3 Hy. Wt. Pairs
Place Name School Time
1st Chris & Dave RIT 1:34.0

New Training Manual

image of coaching manual
Fall rowing season is funneling down to the final regattas... so the indoor training season will soon be upon us. To help coaches and rowers achieve maximum benefits from indoor training, we have produced a new 16 page Swingualtor® Training Manual. Although the manual is aimed at rower's using the Swingulators as their primary training platform, it has direct application to all indoor rowers using traditional Ergs, tanks, and weights.
    The manual offers specific drills, workouts, and guidelines for:
  • Coaching Drills: Fundamentals, Drive, Recovery
  • Training Workouts: Individual, Team, Seat
  • Erg Power Curves: Use and Interpretation
  • Coxswain: Role in Training
Download Training Manual

Swingulator Lease Purchase Program

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Rowing Innovations’ lease-purchase program is for rowing teams who are limited to seasonal indoor space or who want to try the Swingulator Sweep Trainer before they buy. The program allows teams to rent a 1, 2, 4 or 8 seat Swingulator at a cost of $375 per seat per month plus shipping charges. Paid leasing fees may be used toward purchase of the leased machine. A limited number of Swingulators are available for this program so please contact us as early as possible.

Download View Pricing

Swingulator® at Community Rowing

swingulator-4 front view
Swingulator 4 seater front viewCommunity Rowing, the largest rowing club in the northeast, invites you to test the 4-seat Swingulator at their facility on the Charles River. Coaches from all over the Northeast are invited to contact Community Rowing to set up a time to test the next generation training platform for youth and performance coaching programs.

About Community Rowing

redLogoBlkText_360x205 Community Rowing (CRI) was founded in 1985 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the belief that the sport of rowing provides unique abilities to promote personal and community growth through teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness. Committed to making these opportunities available to all, CRI has become one of the largest rowing programs in the United States with over 1,500 people rowing with them annually. For more information visit the Community Rowing Website

George Washington Wins 2-minute Challenge

GWMenHOTC Head of the Charles Regatta-Boston, MA. A powerful George Washington University crew vanquished the Vanderbilt four and the rest of the field to lay claim to the 1st Swingulator Two Minute Challenge Cup. Led by stroke Huge Mann, the Colonels averaged 390 watts per rower during the 2 minute test of speed and power. Huge and his team mates will soon be enjoying their victory spoils of a one way trip back to DC at their own expense. Second place Vanderbilt Commodores stroked by Hans Large, who personally averaged over 400 watts, stayed close for the first minute and a half but fell back to a 333 watts pace at the finish. The Miami of Ohio Red Hawks placed a respectable third averaging 316 watts. In the 2- Men’s Division, Team Nerve at 369 watts edged a strong Andover pair averaging 359 watts. Mercer claimed the third podium spot with 340 watts.
Place 4-  Men Av. Watts
1 Geo Washington U. 390
2 Vanderbilt U. 333
3 Miami of Ohio 316
4 Capital City Rowing 286
5 St. Andrews 275
Place 2-  Men Av. Watts
1 Team NARVEE 369
2 Andover 359
3 Mercer 340
4 John and Dave 335
5 Brophy #2 300
In the Women’s 4 – Division, Capital City # 2 claimed the title with an average of 252 watts.  Capital City #1 was second followed by the Coast Guard women. In the Women’s 2- Division the Annapolis #1 team outpaced their sister team by maintaining 200 watts.
Place 4-  Women Av. Watts
1 Capital City #2 252
2 Capital City #1 215
3 USCG 170
Place 2-  Women Av. Watts
1 Annapolis #1 252
2 Annapolis # 2 215