coaching with suspension trainer

Optimizes hands-on coaching

Measures rowers catch/finish angles and stroke length.

Full feathering capabilities

Suspension-Trainerâ„¢ for effective power application coaching

Team rowing teaches swing and ratio coordination



Isolate, monitor, and compare individual rower’s performance

Measure and match stroke lengths and power applications

Optimize side and seat location for each rower

Quantitative seat racing by pairs, fours and eights

Optimized Rigging


The Swingulator is designed to allow maximum flexibility in its rigging. The machine can be adjusted to match any rower’s size and physical conditioning. This flexibility enables the rower to transfer the actual rigging they have on the boat and optimize their performance. The following can be adjusted:

Pin location
Collar location
Foot stretcher location
Flex foot location
Seat height

Seat track location
Oar-lock spacers
Pulley resistance
Erg fan setting


team training

More hours behind the oar

Sweep motion develops correct muscle memory

Resistance settings allow for both power training and endurance training

Training by pairs, fours and eights

Cost and Time Efficient


1/10 the cost of a rowing tank

Mobile: can be relocated seasonally from erg room to boathouse

Maximizes training time by reducing travel time

Tough, durable, minimal maintenance