Swingulator&#174 Story

Upon his arrival as the new rowing coach at Vermont, Rick Kelliher was told by his predecessor that his team, “didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell…too long winters, not enough water time and no money for tanks”. From this reality, the Swingulator was born. On an abandoned racquet ball court, the first Swingulator was cobbled together from a derelict shell, broken oars and old C2 ergs. With the addition of the Swingulator, Vermont’s crew quickly transitioned from an unheralded club to a program that was competitive with top clubs and varsity teams. Now, seven years after that first unit, the production Swingulators have been delivered to programs across North America and Europe. The design builds on that original concept and incorporates feedback from over 50 coaches, durability testing by over 3000 rowers and has been refined through 5 rounds of prototyping. With the current Swingulator, we have combined the best training features of the Erg, Gamut, racing shells and rowing tanks to produce the best coaching platform in the world—at an affordable price.
Rick Kelliher with swingulator prototype