Swingulator® Sweep Trainer

Swingulator Single Sweep Trainer Swingulator® shown above as Single with port configuration.

Refine Your Bladework

Refine bladework for entry, exit and angles with water. View Larger

Power Pulley

power pulley
Endurance setting for aerobic training View Larger
power pulley endurance setting
Power setting for anaerobic strength View Larger

Optimize Rigging

Refine your rigging on land and transfer to your boat

Oar Length Adjustment

Oar Length Adjustment Feature View Larger

Oar Lock Adjustment

Oar Lock Adjustment Feature View Larger

Seat Adjustment

Seat Adjustment Feature View Larger

Seat Connectors

seat assembly
Coordinate timing of multiple rowers View Larger

Performance Feature Comparison

Feature Swingulator® Sculling Erg Racing Shell Water Tank
Oar-Drive Resistance Matches On-Water Experience    
Blade Work Matches On-Water Experience  
Individual Measurement of Rower's Performance    
Team-Boat Rowing  
Accessible Hands-On Coaching  
All-Weather/All-Conditions Training  
Training Efficient  
TOTAL PERFORMANCE SCORE 6 out of 6 3 out of 6 3 out of 6 4 out of 6
COST PER SEAT $3,000 $1,000 $4,500 $30,000

Swingulator Footprint (meters)

Width Height
1 seat 1.8 m 2.3 m
2 seats 3.3 m 4.1 m
4 seats 3.3 m 7.0 m
8 seats 3.3 m 12.9 m

Swingulator Footprint (feet)

Width Height
1 seat 6 ft 7.7 ft
2 seats 10 ft 12.4 ft
4 seats 10 ft 21.4 ft
8 seats 10 ft 39.4 ft

Swingulator Weight

Weight of 2 seat unit Weight (kgs.) Weight (lbs.)
Shell with seats and footstetchers 159 350
Oars with end caps 7.4 16.2
Water Tables (2) 14 30
C2 Ergs w/o seat or I-beam (2) 35 78
Total Machine Weight 216 474.2

Swingulator Weight

Weight of 2 seat unit Weight (lbs.)
Shell with seats and footstetchers 350
Oars with end caps 16.2
Water Tables (2) 30
C2 Ergs w/o seat or I-beam (2) 78
Total Machine Weight 474.2

Shell/Rigger Dimensions

Shell/Rigger Length (cm) Length (in)
Deck width - at base 45.6 18
Deck width - inside edge of gunwale 52.7 20.8
Deck Depth 14 5.5
Spread (center of boat to center of pin) 83-87 32.7 - 34.3
Inboard (ouboard side of collar to tip of handle) 115 +/- 3 45.3 +/- 1.2
Outboard Travel (center of pin to center of wheel)) 59.5 +/- 3 23.4 +/- 1.2

Oar and Table Specifications

Concept2 Carbon-Fiber Oar Medium Stiffness Kgs Lbs
Oar Weight (Fully Assembled) 3.7 8.1
Oar Shaft Angle Degrees
-- On Drive 8-9 degrees
-- On Recovery 5-6 degrees
Oar Length cm in
Tip of handle to center of wheel 176.5 69.5
Oar Handle Length Adjustment 5 2
Collar Location 115 cm - outside edge if inside collar
Collar Location 122 cm - outside edge if outside collar
Oar Lock Vertical Location 3.2 1.25
Oar Lock Vertical Adjustment Range 15.2 6
Table height to top surface 69 27.2

Seat Assembly Dimension

Fiberglas Racing Seat with Aluminum tracks cm in
Wheel Spread - on center 30 11.8
Height range in carriage3 settings - machine set at middle height 1.3 0.5
Travel 90 35.4

Footstretcher Dimension

Footstretcher cm in
Steel footboard with C2 Flexfoot
Track Adjustibility Range 24.8 9.8


manual icon
Assembly & Operations Manual
manual icon
Coaching & Training Manual
manual icon
Sweep Trainer Specifications Sheet

Single Sweep Trainer

For coaching, training, and evaluation in limited spaces. Smaller footprint is easier to transport and store.
  • Available in both port or starboard configurations
  • Connectable to make 2 seat team trainer
  • C2 Erg not included


  • Rick Kelliher on the Single Sweep Trainer
  • Alternate View of the Single Sweep Trainer

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