SX Team Sculling Trainer

SX Team Trainer

True Sculling Workout

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Performance Feature Comparison

Feature Swingulator® Sculling Erg Racing Shell Water Tank
Oar-Drive Resistance Matches On-Water Experience    
Blade Work Matches On-Water Experience  
Individual Measurement of Rower's Performance    
Team-Boat Rowing  
Accessible Hands-On Coaching  
All-Weather/All-Conditions Training  
Training Efficient  
TOTAL PERFORMANCE SCORE 6 out of 6 3 out of 6 3 out of 6 4 out of 6
COST PER SEAT $3,000 $1,000 $4,500 $30,000

Swingulator SX Sculling Team Trainer Footprint (meters)

Width Length
1 Unit (1 seat) 2.5 m 1.4 m
2 Units (2 seats) 2.5 m 2.8 m

Swingulator SX Sculling Team Trainer Storage Footprint (meters)

Width Depth Height
With or w/o Erg Atached 1.7 m 0.9 m 2.4 m

Swingulator SX Sculling Team Trainer Footprint (feet)

Width Length
1 unit (1 seat) 8.3 ft 4.6 ft
2 units (2 seats) 8.3 ft 9.3 ft

Swingulator SX Sculling Team Trainer Storage Footprint (feet)

Width Depth Height
With or w/o Erg Atached 5.5 ft 3.0 ft 7.8 ft

Swingulator SX Sculling Team Trainer Weight

Weight of 1 unit Weight (kgs.) Weight (lbs.)
Shell with seat and footstetcher 73.5 168
Oars with end caps (2) 8.9 19.6
Water Tables (2) 15.9 35
C2 Ergs w/o seat or I-beam (2) 17.7 39
Total Machine Weight 116 261.6

Shell/Rigger Dimensions

Shell/Rigger Length (cm) Length (in)
Deck width - at base 45.6 18
Deck width - inside edge of gunwale to gunwale 52.7 20.8
Deck Height - Height of gunwales above ground 69.8 27.5
Deck Depth 14 5.5

Oar Specifications

Concept2 Carbon-Fiber Oar Medium Stiffness Kgs Lbs
Oar Weight (Fully Assembled) 4.4 9.6
Oar Length cm in
Tip of handle to center of wheel (with handle in shortest setting) 127.5 50.2
Spread (center of pin to center of pin) 160 63
Inboard (outboard side of collar to tip of handle) 88 35
Outboard Travel (center of pin to center of wheel)) 38 15
Handle Overlap (when perpendicular to boat) 18 17.2
Oar Handle Length Adjustment 5.0 2.0
Collar Spacing (distance between collars) 4.0 1.6
Oar lock vertical adjustment range 3 1.2
Handle height range 7.5 3
Table Surface Height 71.1 28

Seat Assembly Dimension

Fiberglas Racing Seat with Aluminum tracks cm in
Wheel Spread - on center 30 11.8
Height range in carriage - 3 settings - machine set at middle height 1.3 0.5
Travel 90 35.4

Footstretcher Dimension

Footstretcher cm in
Steel footboard with C2 Flexfoot
Track Adjustibility Range 24.8 9.8


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Assembly & Operations Manual
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Coaching & Training Manual
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Sculling Trainer Specifications Sheet

SX Sculling Team Trainer

For training, coaching and evaluation
  • Can be configured from single to eight seats
  • Turn erg pieces into "true" sculling workouts
  • Lock-in and fine-tune stroke, catch, finish, recovery & feathering
  • Measure output, stroke rate, and length to guide training
  • Monitor rower’s performance both individually and as part of a line-up
  • Develop timing and team coordination
  • Mobile, easily moved and stored.