” The Swingulator is an integral part of our winter training. The ability to test and train with sweep motion has allowed us to make greater technical and physical advancements as compared to the ergometer. The machines are well built, have a similar feel from seat to seat and can handle the use and abuse of long winter training.”

Matt Weise | Michigan State Rowing

” As baseball players need a batting cage to perfect their swing, rowers need a sweep trainer to perfect their stroke.”

Veronika Platzer | Women’s Team Coach | UMASS – Lowell

” The Swingulator has been great…[it gets] them rowing more technically.. it will go a long way with blade work and body movement.”

Jim Lister | Duke University Rowing

” It’s a lot cheaper and a lot simpler than installing a conventional rowing tank, and it may provide the same functionality at a fraction of the cost… The connection is more authentic than that of many rowing tanks.”

Rowing News – December 2011

View inside “The Griff Cave” at Canisius College – Buffalo, NY